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Maria Shircel Realty,LLC

3301 Greenspoint Dr., Clarksville, TN 37042

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Principle Broker - Maria Shircel


(931) 338-5650 


 Maria  was born and raised in the Philippines. Her mother was a devoted  teacher and academics were her passion. Maria adopted this passion and  won a work study to attend college in America. She met her husband,  Jerry, and has followed him throughout his military career which is how  she has come to call Clarksville home since 1997.   CLARKSVILLE IS HOME   Maria  and Jerry purchased their house in 1997 and made Clarksville home for  their family of five. Erica and Ethan graduated from Northeast High  School and Cy graduated from Clarksville Academy. Ethan attends APSU in  downtown Clarksville. Maria has always encouraged her family to be active in the community and  she has been involved with church, the Clarksville Human Relations  Commission, real estate associations, Master Gardeners, Clarksville  Running Club, Adopt a Garden, and numerous pageants.   CONSTANTLY IMPROVING  Maria is constantly in the process of improving herself. Even while caring for her three children and working for the government as a career counselor, she went on to pursue her Master's and Doctorate Degrees. She always has a book in her purse, a motivational speaker on her iPhone and a list of goals on her refrigerator. Being a top real estate professional is a high priority so much of her energy is channeled toward accomplishing that goal.   HIGH ENERGY AT WORK FOR YOU  When Maria commits to a project, she's all in. Her high energy and project management skills  allow her to accomplish the goal, whether it's selling or renting your  house, or finding your next home. Since 2004, she has committed herself to the real estate profession and she has established herself as the Clarksville Association of Realtors' Rising Star.

Affiliate Broker - Erica Doyle


(931) 561-7607




In 1997, my family PCSed to Fort Campbell, KY and my parents bought our first house, thereby 

planting our roots here in Clarksville, TN! 

I graduated from Northeast High School and

then left to attend Marquette University.    

I later met and married my husband at Fort Campbell and we were fortunate enough to stay in the area for several years.   

In sixteen years of marriage, we PCSed a few more times, met amazing  friends, and 

had lots of adventures.

We kept coming back to visit family  here in Clarksville and each time, we were amazed at Clarksville's growth, the improvements made to this city, and the increasing number of opportunities in the area.  

When  it came time to settle down, Scott and I thought the best place to  raise our children would be Clarksville, TN.  

I'm confident that many  families will continue to find this is true for themselves and that 

Clarksville will flourish beautifully in the decades to come!   


I have a B.S. in Accounting (Magna Cum Laude) so I strive for order and excellence, as well as timely communication and accountability.   

I'm from Clarksville and I love it! I want to use that knowledge of the area, activities, events, and connections to 

assist you with your real estate needs, whether you are 

buying, selling or renting!